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VMV MaquinariaNoticias y Eventos: Nuevas Máquinas en Stock
Nuevas Máquinas en Stock

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VMV MaquinariaNoticias y Eventos: Nuevo Equipamiento

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VMV MaquinariaEmpresa: Equipo de Servico Tecnico

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VMV MaquinariaEmpresa: Ubicación

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VMV MaquinariaEmpresa: Presentación
VMVMaquinaria was founded in 1998, dedicating specially on sale of machines Conventional tools and CNC to us like also to educational projects.

We counted on Technical Service specialized for machines for as much conventional tools or numerical control and cnc.

Our company is divided in 3 sections to take care of different types from clients:

  • Sale of Machines Herramientas and Software of industrial use: we worked as much with new and used machines in Stock and with direct import with the machines as with software, the sale is concentrated in Winches, Milling machines, Centers of Mechanized, Drills, flat and cylindrical Guillotines, Folding machines, Rectifiers, Electroerocionadoras, Software CAD Cam and Cae.
  • Sale of didactic equipment for educational technological education and software: we worked with Universities, Center of technical and schools in the mechanical areas, electronic Formation, electricity, telecommunications, technologies of mecatronica manufacture/, industrial design, engineering of projects
  • Service and technical Support for conventional machines and CNC, sale of spare parts and accessories and qualification in industrial software and controls CNC
We had professionals of experience in each area, we invited them to know itself asking for the visit our salesmen

One takes leave sincerely


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Eduardo Matte N°1910 - Santiago - Chile
Telephone-Fax: (56-2) 2555 05 88 - e-mail: